It can be very difficult to know what to do in the current energy climate, with prices still high (around double the cost compared to Oct 2021) and little variation between suppliers.  However, prices are beginning to go down and some suppliers are taking on new clients, and offering a range of fixed and variable tariffs.  Unfortunately, as the government no longer subsidises energy costs with the monthly £66 per month EBSS payments, most people won’t feel the drop in energy costs yet. 

Energy prices fell slightly in October, but are forecasted to rise again in Jan so it can be difficult to work out whether it’s best to stay as you are, or move to one of the new fixed rate deals.  The latest advice from Martin Lewis, The Money Saving Expert, can be found here, including a ‘should you fix?’ calculator.

Although prices are still much the same across the suppliers, cost isn’t the only reason you might want to switch.  Customer care is also very important and there are some clear winners and losers in the energy market.  If you are struggling to get through to your energy supplier, resolve problems or are unhappy with their service, you might still want to switch.

If disappointing customer care is the reason you are considering a switch, you can check out independent reviews of all the energy companies and find out where yours ranks here:

Citizens Advice


Martin Lewis

Octopus come out strongly as our current winner on customer care, so at present this is the company we would advise switching to if this is your main concern. They have UK call centres and shorter waiting times than many other suppliers.

If you want to find out more, or get a quote to switch to Octopus you can do so here.

If you are on a prepayment meter, particularly smart prepayment then you may not be able to switch to Octopus.  Check the current rankings to find the next best supplier and find out if they are taking on new customers.

Bear in mind that you can’t always change supplier if you have debt on your account.  It may be possible if it’s a recent bill, or, if you are on a prepayment meter, if the money owed is less than £500 and the new supplier agrees to take the debt on from the old supplier.  If you are in dispute with a supplier it can sometimes be worth staying with them until issues are resolved.  More advice on this from the Citizens Advice can be found here.

Remember, always take the final meter reading before you switch, even if you have a smart meter, or are on a prepayment meter.  If you are on an Economy 7 tariff you will need to take both day and night meter reads.

If you need help with switching suppliers or anything else energy related do get in touch.

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